The Underlying Reasons for Big Brother’s Present Triumph (Les Raisons profondes du triomphe actuel de Big Brother) par Vincent Reynouard

Voici la traduction de l’article de Vincent Reynouard, Les raisons profondes du triomphe actuel de Big Brother.


“The Underlying Reasons for Big Brother’s Present Triumph” (“Les Raisons profondes du triomphe actuel de Big Brother”)
Friday March 7, 2008

[…] In 1945, those who had defeated the Axis also changed the consciousness of the so-called civilised world.

After having crushed their enemy, plundered his territory, demolished his cities and raped his women, they declared to the whole planet: “We have fought against a barbaric regime to the point of its complete destruction, and have the right to call it to account. But we need not demonstrate that it was barbaric (the fact being common knowledge), nor answer for any of our own violations of international law (since, in defending civilisation against absolute Evil, all is permitted).”

Today the consequences of that change are quite plain to see: Big Brother, showing no evidence for his claims, accuses entire countries, drags their names through the mud, heaps insults upon them, starves them, tears up the UN Charter, attacks them, bombs them, poisons them and, in doing so, meets with no real political resistance, for people’s minds are conditioned by “Nuremberg”.

[…] We go on struggling, alone if necessary, for as Maurice Bardèche wrote, already in 1948: with the verdict of Nuremberg, “it’s not just the Germans, it’s all of us that are dispossessed”.

Until objectivity in History is re-established, nothing effective can even be tried against the New World Order. And action towards that goal is needed now, for Big Brother, at his end, is wasting no time…

(source: Vincent Reynouard, in Le révisionniste no. 1 [April 2003], pp. 12-13)
Also: “Proof that my Fight is the Right One” (“Preuve que mon combat est le bon”) Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If indeed the ideas I convey were nothing but a mishmash of ridiculous drivel and lies, then I would just barely be entitled to some pity from the mighty ones in charge.

But individuals who know that their opinions are not backed up by fact go into a panic at the sound of the Truth, even when it’s only being whispered.

With all their megaphones, drums and loud-ringing cymbals, they still tremble at such whispers.

[…] If I fight, it’s so that European children may grow up to live in a well-ordered society, without having their minds sullied by the noxious lies of political correctness; it’s so that little Palestinians may live free in their homeland, that little Iraqis may live in a country rid of the Yankee invader commanded by Israel, that little Iranians may look to the future without fear of getting hit by a missile “made in USA” or of being exposed to radiation from depleted uranium bullets and shells.


(Source: Vincent Reynouard, “We Carry On” (“On continue”), in Sans Concession no. 35, December 2007, pp. 2-3)


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