“Nazi criminals” and philanthropic Americans

(Traduction en anglais du texte « Criminels nazis » et philanthropes américains de Vincent Reynouard).

“Nazi criminals” and philanthropic Americans

In the Nuremberg judgment, the Germans were found guilty of having subjected detainees in the concentration camps to “cruel experiments”:

“The inmates were subjected to […] high altitude experiments in pressure chambers, experiments to determine how long human beings could survive in freezing water, experiments with poison bullets, experiments with contagious diseases, and experiments dealing with sterilisation of men and women by X-rays and other methods” [IMT, vol. I, p. 262].

However, on March 25, 1993, the French weekly VSD informed its readers that during the Second World War the Pentagon had exposed:

“between 8,000 and 10,000 American soldiers aged 17 and 18 to mustard gas in order to test the efficiency of protective clothing and masks” (p. 49). “Those who refused [to submit to] the experiment were threatened with forty-year prison terms and [charges of] high treason if they talked” (id.).

There followed a flood of similar revelations:

On December 29, 1993, it was announced in the French press that, in the 1950s, a great number of experiments had been done on human guinea pigs. For example:

– mentally handicapped adolescents had been served radioactive meals;

– 751 pregnant women in Tennessee had, without their knowledge, received pills giving them a dose of radioactivity thirty times greater than the average…

Worse was still to come; in the 60s, these experiments continued:

– hospital patients received small doses of plutonium for its progress through the organism to be tracked. For the most part they were very gravely ill and already doomed to die; but not all could be placed in that category. So it was that a workman with a leg injury received a dose of plutonium 239. Three days later, his leg was cut off and taken away for research.

– in 1963, 131 Oregon and Washington prison inmates received strong doses of X-rays to the testicles for observation of the effects on spermatogenesis.
The Oregon inmates were later vasectomised.

For all of the foregoing, see La Haute-Marne Libérée, December 29, 1993, article entitled “Tests nucléaires sur des humains : les USA aussi” (“Nuclear tests on humans: the USA too”) and Sciences et Vie n° 917, February 1994, pp. 53 sq: “Le scandale des cobayes humains” (“The scandal of the human guinea pigs”).

Conclusion on this subject of experiments with human guinea pigs:

1°) If these are carried out by “Nazis”, they are “pseudo-scientific experiments proving Nazi sadism and contempt for Man”. They must be recalled incessantly so that the general public will always revile “Nazism”.

2°) If they are carried out by American researchers: conventional scientific procedures whose objective is to advance medical science. Therefore, not in the least reprehensible, although it’s better to conceal their existence from the general public…

For more information on this type of reestablishment of historical truth:

BP 256


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