The Consequences of the Nuremberg Trial

The Nuremberg trial was the open door to a world where the law of the jungle alone prevails.

Since “Nuremberg”, the one who’s strongest knows he no longer runs any risk. He can violate international law, apply pitiless blockades, attack any nation at all, break the rules of war, use terrifying and prohibited weapons. He knows he can force open the gates of the enemy fortress, apprehend the leaders, seize their archives and then organise a good little judicial lynching in order to make the loser appear as the devil incarnate.

And once the judgment is handed down, he’ll let fly with: “Well, all right, I didn’t always respect international law but it was justified, for it was in defence of civilisation! The others did worse.”

This is exactly what was done in Yugoslavia in 1999 (just remember the business of the alleged hundreds of mass graves containing the remains of hundreds of thousands of victims). It’s very likely what will be done in Iraq.

The American administration knows that, since the start of its operations there in 1991, it has been violating international law and perpetrating numerous serious crimes (use of depleted uranium, in particular). But it couldn’t care less. It knows that this time Baghdad will be taken, the regime overturned and the top dignitaries apprehended (as in Germany in 1945).

As of then, if need be, a new “Nuremberg” trial can be organised against the defeated nation.

Source: Lettre à tous ceux qui ont manifesté contre la « guerre » en Irak. Pourquoi ils n’ont rien empêché (“A Letter to all those who have demonstrated against the ‘war’ in Iraq. Why they haven’t prevented a thing”).


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