The Comittee of Support for Vincent Reynouard

On this 16th of February at six a.m. several members of the Belgian police burst into the home of Vincent Reynouard.Having arrived with a locksmith, they had not rung the bell and took off immediately to search the different rooms of the apartment. Vincent being absent, they left again empty-handed.

However, they said to his spouse that they were « under pressure from the judge » and they were ready to return every day, morning, noon and night, to apprehend Vincent. : They added: « Wish a happy birthday to your husband », because Vincent was born on February 18, 1969. He is thus 40 years old today.
While on such occasions, many organize a party, Vincent, pitilessly tracked, will spend this birthday far from his spouse and his children.

Let us add that for several months, V. Reynouard had succeeded in building up a clientele in tutoring certain subjects. [In this way he succeeded in pocketing several hundred euros each month and to send them to his family].
Word-of-mouth having functioned well,  all his pupils knew each other. Following the appearance of the article concerning him in the magazine Paris-Match,  one parent of a pupil discovered who he was.

This time, the word-of-mouth served in the opposite sense.In less than a week,  Vincent lost three-quarters of his pupils. Worse,  fearing informers, he had to quit the place where he had found refuge,  thus abandoning those pupils who had remained for him to teach.

When asked, Vincent declared that all this will change nothing:  He will continue until his last second of liberty to fight for the Truth.
Let us salute his courageous spouse and courageous children who despite everything, continue to form a close and solid family.

This morning,  his oldest son (who had seen his father be arrested and handcuffed before his eyes in Paris in 2006)  said simply to us:  This puts some spice into life…. »
To aid the courageous Marina Reynouard we invite you to write her via the Comittee of Support for Vincent Reynouard at Montreux in Switzerland. »


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