The full statement from Noam Chomsky to the release of Vincent and the repeal of the law Gayssot

I understand that Vincent Reynouard has been condemned and jailed under the Gayssot law, and that a petition is being circulated in protest against these actions.  I know nothing about Mr. Reynouard, but regard the Gayssot law as entirely illegitimate, inconsistent with the basic principles of a free society as these have been understood since the Enlightenment.  The law in effect grants the state the right to determine historical truth and to punish departure from its edicts, a principle reminiscent of the dark days of Stalinism and Nazism. If the justification of the Gayssot law is to ban « horrendous views« , or to protect the right to « live free from fear of an atmosphere » of prejudice and racism, then it should be obvious that, if such laws were applied impartially, they would criminalize a vast range of public discourse, which, however despicable one may find it, should certainly be permitted in a free society, and indeed is, with no question being raised.

Accordingly, I would like to register my support for the petition protesting the application of this law in this (or any) case.

Noam Chomsky, September, 5th 2010.


8 réponses à “The full statement from Noam Chomsky to the release of Vincent and the repeal of the law Gayssot

  1. It is irrelevant whether or not the holocaust was an historic event; the forensic and scientific evidence proves the case in itself. Those who have investigated the subject know the real facts. However, the following questions, amongst others, must be asked in France and each country where the ‘denial’ laws have been instituted: Who and what body proposed and wrote the legislation for such draconian laws? What was the means of gaining acquiescence of the legislature for the implementation of such anti-democratic and anti-human rights laws? Some of us are familiar with the methodology with which the reptilian controllers extract agreements from compliant government representative harlots in order to implement their long-standing objectives of total subjugation and control of the people and the world. The puppeteers have been oozing like deathwatch beetles from the woodwork over the past few years, and with increasing arrogant in-the-face approach. But their end is soon to manifest.

  2. This is an outrage. The Gaysott is without a shadow of doubt a law put in place for and by jews. Why do Jews require such a law? A law that destroys free speech and open debate? I disagree with this very strongly. If the case for the Holocaust is strong then it will stand proper scrutiny.

    I have made some observation simply by living quite a lot of years. First observation is that Holocaust material made no appearance in either TV or movies until the 1970’s. Why is this do you think? So, I read three times, the Red Cross reports that were presented after the second world war. The Red Cross recorded that Germany made no attempt to obstruct the Red Cross and that the only time that the Red Cross was unable to inspect the German camps was at the time they were under the control of the Russian troops. The report shows that the German camps were properly maintained according to internatonal law. Auschwitz was not reported as having any death facilities. Pictures released by the Red Cross showed healthy smiling inmates.

    It is time the taboos were lifted. The history of this time needs fresh and proper examination.

  3. Johann fils de Gilbert

    freedom of opinion is never a crime punishable by imprisonment.

    What has happened to France?

    What has happened to France?

    What has happened to France……………………. !


  4. France no longer the country of liberte

  5. Free Speech is a right, not a privilege. Only lies need to be protected from free speech.

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  8. I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical revisionist investigation. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize public doubting of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses. »


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